Dating an ex girlfriends sister

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Thread starter Jaxon Start date Aug 18, Jaxon Senior Don Juan Aug 18, Joined Aug 27, Messages Likes 4. This ex is probably the most serious girlfriend I've ever had, we were on and off for about 3 years but broke up like 5 years ago. Her sister was too young when we were together but she's grown up and is really hot, hotter than my ex. Me and my ex are on fairly good terms, though we don't really talk or hang out anymore.

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Her family used to love me, but now to be honest I'm not sure how they feel about me. My stock definitely isn't as high with her parents as it used to be, but I don't think it's all that bad. Technically I ended the relationship, but only because it was blatantly obvious she had lost interest in me.

This was in my super super super AFC days, it's embarrassing to think how weak I was with girls back then. Anyway I'm trying to decide how worth it it'd be to ask her sister out now, or if I'm setting myself up for some unnecessary drama. I'm pretty sure my ex is single at the moment, not sure how that'd play into it though. I'm looking for someone who's been in a similar situation to share their experience, or just some general things to consider about the whole thing. The way I think it go down is that the older sister is going to be jealous despite how you much of a wuss you were because her sis is getting the attention she used to get; it gets even worse if you act like a man now.

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The younger sis will eat it up since she has something over her older sis which will make things better for you in the short run. When things cool down later, the younger sister's interest is going to drop since your ex may have gotten used to it and that when you have to be able to keep her interest up. I say it's a great challenge if you want to see how good you are and you want to create a little choas, but depending on how much drama you can stand you may want to leave it alone. I say the things you want to look at though are if your ex is totally over you and how much of a bond she has with her sister.

Most of the drama will be centered around the two sister's who will forever hate each other hahah.

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  • Don't meet your ex or her family anymore and don't get into an LTR with this one 'cause of the reason above. Tell her sister if she wants to see you to keep this a secret. Fvck her sister for a few months and move on.

    Dating Your Ex-girlfriend's Sister. - Romance - Nairaland

    DJDamage nails it in the head. As long as its a secret, theres a good chance you will not have drama. Master Don Juan Aug 18, Been there done that with my ex. I was fvcking her sister before me and my ex started dating. Except she didn't even know about it. I was going for their momma next cause she was a slut but, that never happend.

    Just be prepared for all the drama. But it's also, I guess, inconsiderate of me to date my ex's sister.

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    • We're talking and being physical occasionally; that's about it. But I really want to cultivate more with this summer fling. I think she's great. Annie, what should I do? Of all the women in the world, why did you pick your ex's sister?

      Meeting My Girlfriends Sister For The First Time Was Not What I Expected.

      And why did she pick you? I have a feeling she's got a problem with her sister and you're merely a pawn in the game. But that's neither here nor there. The main point is that this won't work. For one, you and your ex had a toxic relationship; you need to create distance between yourself and her, not proximity. For another, this could cause a huge rift in their family. If you care about Laura at all, you should spare her that angst and end things now. There are plenty of fish in the sea whom you could catch without hurting feelings.

      Can I date my ex girlfriend's sister?

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      Dating your ex's sister: Is it ever a good idea?

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